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Social Compliance Policy

Hudson’s Bay Company (“HBC”) aims to improve workplace conditions in factories as part of the social responsibility companies hold when operating in a global supply chain.

The primary goals of our social compliance program are to ensure products are produced in humane conditions, and to protect the integrity of HBC’s brands.  HBC includes Hudson’s Bay, Lord & Taylor, Home Outfitters, SAKS and SAKS OFF 5th.  HBC’s social compliance program is mandatory. All domestic and import vendors supplying national, private, captive or vendor label merchandise, and private brand non-merchandise, are required to disclose their facilities and participate in factory audits. If the vendor or brand manages and enforces their own social compliance program, the vendor may submit supporting documents to demonstrate that it meets HBC’s standards outlined in the Supplier Code of Vendor Conduct.  Failure to fully disclose or cooperate will lead to cancelled purchase orders or in some cases termination of business by HBC and/or its banners.

The Social Compliance program evaluates and directs the ethical standards of HBC’s supply chain. Our goal is to ensure products are manufactured by suppliers who manage and operate their factories according to local laws, as well as operating in a socially responsible manner. This includes managing human resources, employing environmental business practices, and complying with legal expectations. Our social compliance policy is communicated in all of our business agreements, such as the Import Purchase Order, and the Master Merchandise Vendor Agreement (MMVA). Vendors supplying to Lord & Taylor are required to sign the Lord & Taylor Manufacturing Agreement, the Manufacturer’s Certification and the Lord & Taylor Sub-Contractor Manufacturing Agreement which contain our social compliance policy and requirements.