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Quality Assurance Policy

Our mission at Hudson’s Bay Company and Lord & Taylor includes providing safe, quality merchandise to our valued customers. High quality merchandise strengthens our brand image and contributes towards increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. In order for Hudson’s Bay Company and Lord & Taylor to be successful in our mission, we require our suppliers to get on board with our goal of striving to improve the quality and safety processes at every stage of the production cycle. HBC private label merchandise must meet and/or exceed North American industry established standards. All merchandise will be tested by our approved independent testing laboratory to ensure and verify performance, safety and regulatory standards have been met before the merchandise is approved for shipping to any Hudson’s Bay Company or Lord & Taylor store.

The Product Development Process


The diagram on the right illustrates the general the product development process for all private and/or captive branded products. Social Compliance is the first step in our product development process. Request for product testing and/or inspections will not be facilitated unless a factory’s social compliance status has been confirmed/approved by HBC and Lord & Taylor’s Social Compliance department. Once a supplier’s factory has been approved for social compliance, a vendor number will be issued from HBC and/or L&T’s finance department and a purchase order will be issued.

The Bay and L & T Home merchandise will be sold both in Canada and US. Supplier/vendor’s are responsible to ensure that merchandise complies with both Canada and US regulations requirements.

HBC and L&T duty paid landed (DPL) vendors or domestic vendors for private and captive branded merchandise, where vendors are the importers of record, it is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure the merchandise conforms to the Canadian and U. S. Consumer Product Regulations and meets HBC’s and L&T private and captive brand standards. DPL vendors are required to conduct laboratory testing with the HBC and L&T nominated laboratory. HBC and L&T private branded merchandise cannot be shipped to stores without a valid and passing laboratory test report. Detailed lab testing requirements are listed in the relevant Quality Assurance Manuals. This information can also be obtained by contacting your nearest Intertek Testing Services laboratory location or from Intertek testing Services website at the above link.

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