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Zellers Partners with the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide To Help Raise Diabetes Awareness

Zellers pharmacies to host onsite screening and educational programs for Canadians at risk or living with Diabetes

TORONTO, ON, May 10, 2011 – Zellers is pleased to announce a partnership with the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide, an organization that provides critically needed education programs and resources to the increasing number of Canadians affected by diabetes. Over the coming months, Zellers will be conducting an ongoing series of educational programs through clinics held at Zellers pharmacies across Canada to help ensure Canadians with diabetes have access to the resources and support they need.

“Pharmacists are an underutilized healthcare resource,” said Lori Fasano, General Merchandising Manager for Zellers Pharmacies. “Zellers pharmacists are at the front lines of patient care and are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to help patients manage diabetes and make smart choices to diminish risks and delay or prevent the development of complications.”

The partnership with the Diabetes Care Guide includes diabetes education centres, certified diabetes educators, and Zellers pharmacists to ensure that critical health messages will reach the greatest audience possible. With over three million Canadians currently living with diabetes, and another six million considered to be pre-diabetic, this kind of program is critical.

“Zellers recognizes the valuable role diabetes educators play in helping people with diabetes,” said Alan Donaldson for the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide. “Learning how to manage diabetes and lead a healthy lifestyle can be complex and time-consuming. It is our hope that this partnership and the resources provided can help reduce diabetes-related health complications.”

To support this awareness building campaign in store, Zellers pharmacies are providing a variety of educational tools and information on diabetes in easy-to-access and understandable formats.  The first tool in the series is a portion control plate that shows proper portion size and how the various food groups should be combined to create a healthy, nutritious meal. Other resources include a testing tool to help identify loss of sensation, common in people with diabetes that will be available this summer. Patients can obtain a convenient home-sized copy of the portion control guide, the sensation testing kit, and a number of other educational tools by visiting their local Zellers pharmacy.

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About Hudson’s Bay Company
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About the Canadian Diabetes Care Guide
The Canadian Diabetes Care Guide/Guide canadien sur le diabète is published by Sampling Canada, a privately held company established in 1996 and provides a comprehensive set of educational resources for people with diabetes and for the diabetes professionals who care for them.

It is the only organization providing critically needed education programs and resources across Canada, in both English and French, to people diagnosed with diabetes, their families, and the diabetes educators who care for them.  All of its materials are delivered personally addressed to diabetes educators for free distribution to their patients.


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